Newsletter October 2018

Happy Halloween!

Mobile Friendly // Tech Updates

Because we have a new logo, you may also want to update your Homepage Shortcut to the new E icon for your mobile device. To download an updated set of instructions, Click Here for Apple, or Click Here for Android. If you'd feel more comfortable, you can call or email the Evergreen office for assistance. In your email, please let us know if you’re using an Apple or Android product. Thanks!

And a slight annoyance has been fixed! You may have noticed that when using the Map function on the mobile friendly version, the keyboard would jump out of place and block the Map from view. This has been rectified. Yay!  The Map is now much easier to use!

The first Selfie Competition was a major success!

A big thank you to everyone who submitted photos and voted. The photos were all so wonderful and there was a great turn-out. There’s an album on our Facebook page with ALL the photos that were entered so you can see everyone’s great Evergreen adventures!

Will there be more photo competitions?
YES! Next time we’ll focus more on photos that capture the esscence of the club: friendship, hospitality, personal interactions between host and guest. So keep your cameras out during your trips this year to get footage of these aspects of this special club.

Invite a friend... even non-members

Let’s say you have a friend that might be a great travel companion, but isn’t a club member. Can he/she travel with you and stay at an Evergreener’s house? Sure! When using the Map on the website, you can set the filter for two twin beds or two rooms if that makes you more comfortable. It would be courteous to tell the host that you’re bringing a non-member friend. Some hosts may choose to have you pay a higher gratuity for a non-member.


For those who receive the Printed Directory, you’ll receive an email in early November with the Directory Supplement. Members who have specially requested a printed copy will receive one in the mail. It will include the people who have joined since the last Directory came out in July. As always, the online Map is the most current source of member information. 

Happy Travels,

The Evergreen Team 

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