Mobile Friendly Installation Tutorial

In this tutorial, learn how to put the Evergreen B&B Club mobile friendly shortcut on your smart phone or tablet.

As of summer 2018, your favorite travel club is now mobile friendly, which means that you don't have to be at your laptop to access the directory, map, lounge, profiles, or any other featues. Now that is available on your mobile device, you can take Evergreen with you wherever you go. It's SO handy to have while on a trip, as well for sharing & explaining Evergreen to friends.

So what is meant by mobile friendly?

When I say mobile friendly, that does not mean it's an app. Mobile friendly, in Evergreen's case, means that you can access the site anywhere that you have a phone signal. Meaning you don't even need WiFi! That's right! It's not an app; it's called a URL shortcut. It lives right on your phone/tablet desktop screen, and will take you right to the Home page of with the tap of your finger.

This also means it's free!

This URL shortcut will be represented by a little white box with this teal "E" design inside. Once it's installed, just to tap the "E" icon with your finger and it'll take you straight to

Here's how to put it on your mobile device:

First for iPhone / iPad:



And here's the same thing for Android / tablets:



And in case you've already got an older version on your phone that you wish to uninstall, in order to put this new one on, here's how:


As always, please don't hesitate to contact the Evergreen office if you have any questions on how to put the new mobile friendly URL shortcut onto your mobile device. Downloadable PDF instruction sheets available below. We hope this was helpful!

Happy travels,

The Evergreen Team

Click to DOWNLOAD a PDF of the Apple product install tutorial.

Click to DOWNLOAD a PDF of the Android product install tutorial.

Click to DOWNLOAD a PDF of the uninstall tutorial.

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