Confidentiality. Information in this directory and on the Evergreen website is strictly confidential. Members have provided it to help you select and arrange your accommodations. It may not be used for any other purpose. Please ensure that outdated issues of the directory are properly disposed of.

Expectations. Membership entitles you to clean, comfortable sleeping accommodations and a wholesome breakfast. Please be as considerate of your hosts as you would want your own guests to be. Be flexible about arrangements and reasonable in your expectations. Don’t expect hosts to accommodate picky diets or late-night arrivals. And be sure to tote your own luggage. Remember, you’re a guest in someone’s home, not a 5-star hotel.

Membership Verification. A photo ID such as a driver’s license or passport is sufficient to confirming a guest’s identity if you feel the need to do so.

Gratuities. A gratuity is like a tip. It’s a modest way to express appreciation and help reimburse hosts for any out-of-pocket expenses they may have incurred in preparing for your visit. Guests naturally want to express appreciation for the hospitality they receive, especially since there is no charge for Evergreen accommodations. To facilitate this, a standard gratuity is payable to your host at each visit. Please present the gratuity when you arrive so it won't be forgotten in the flow of events. Beginning January 1, 2015, the gratuity is USD $15/single and $20/couple per day.  A couple gratuity is when both people occupy the same guest room. When two guests each occupy separate guest rooms, they would each be considered a "single".  Please add $10 USD for overseas hosts (i.e. USD$30/couple and USD $25/single each day). When the gratuity is paid in foreign currency, it should of equal value.

Healthy Visits. If you’re feeling a bit under-the weather before or even during a visit, discuss the situation with your host/ guest. It’s better to make alternative arrangements than to cause undue concern about everyone’s well-being.

Happy Visits. We’re sure you know better, but it probably bears repeating. Don’t allow friendly conversations to skid downhill by pushing personal views on politics, religion, sports, etc.

Timely Departures. Many hosts are employed or serve as volunteers and may not be able to afford you substantial attention aside from basic hospitality. Please arrange a soon-after-breakfast departure when a host’s code-string includes the letter “B” (i.e., timely departure please).

Non-Members. Any member listed in the directory or online may be accompanied by a second person --spouse or friend – provided that person is over 50. The regular gratuity applies. If you plan to travel with additional people who are not members, check first with your host to see if it is OK. If the host agrees to accommodate your group, they may require a higher fee for those guests.

Expiration. Member listings now include the month/year that membership is due to expire. Example EXP:03/2012. The most accurate membership status is available on our website. It's possible that someone has renewed their membership but it's not yet reflected in the print/pdf directory. So be sure to double check online. 

Smoking and Alcohol. If members smoke, we indicate that in their listings with the code “4". Otherwise, all accommodations are non-smoking and guests are not allowed to smoke indoors. Also, please refrain from taking alcohol into your host’s home.

No-Shows. It’s unacceptable to arrange an accommodation and then fail to arrive on schedule. And it’s equally disappointing if you arrive on someone’s doorstep and they’re not at home! In the event your plans change, make every effort to notify your host (or guest) as soon as possible. Untimely arrivals and last-minute cancellations are unacceptable except in cases of emergency. It’s not always easy at the driver’s end. Trying to find your way in unfamiliar territory or running into rush hour traffic or unexpected detours may cause delays or even necessitate a change of plans. But remember. Someone is waiting for you. Your hosts have graciously prepared for your arrival and even planned tomorrow’s breakfast. They’re probably watching the clock right now in anticipation of your arrival. So the least you can do is to keep them informed about your progress. Be sure you have each other’s cell phone number so you can stay in contact during the crucial hours before your arrival. You may even need to ask the host to guide you by phone those last few miles.

Length of Stay. Visits are limited to three days, but hosts can make exceptions if they wish.

Special Amenities. Some hosts offer assistance with transportation and sightseeing. Some even serve home-cooked meals in addition to breakfast. But these amenities are not included in the Evergreen gratuity. Before accepting such services, agree with your host on the amount of additional compensation and don’t just take these services for-granted. There’s no charge for the use of kitchen, computer and laundry privileges however. But if offered, they should be used sparingly to meet minimal needs.

Problem-solving. Please contact us at administration if you need to discuss any issues. Generally it’s better to turn an issue over to us for discreet follow-up with the parties involved. Ignoring an issue or leaving it unresolved can be unfair to others.

Renewals. Several weeks before your membership is due to expire, you’ll receive an email notice with a link for renewing online, using our secure server. Online membership profiles automatically become inactive on the due date if the renewal has not been received. Renewals can also be made by mail if you prefer.

We love to hear from you. Don’t hesitate to email us or call if you have questions or concerns. From the US or Canada, call toll-free at 1-800-962-2392. From overseas, call 1-813-551-3197. Email:    Website: 

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