How It Works

Dues ​(in US dollars) 

There is one application accessible on line and the computer determines the dues based on the hosting address.  

Evergreen Club Membership for those hosting in North America is $120 for one year from the Join date.  Membership allows you to travel everywhere.

Evergreen Club Membership for those hosting from outside of North America is one payment of $80 for five years from the Join date.  Membership allows you to travel everywhere.

Who are the members?

The Evergreen Club is a practical resource for travelers over 50 who enjoy people-to-people contacts. Club members are keenly interested in life and eager to expand their horizons. Some are still combining busy careers with travel, sports and other interests.

Others have become empty nesters and are ready to do some serious traveling. And many who have retired are finding themselves busier than ever — running marathons, sailing around the world, doing valuable work as volunteers and still finding time for family, recreation, hobbies and yes, travel!


By pooling seldom-used guest rooms, members have developed a network of delightful lodgings for considerate travelers — nearly 2,000 mostly in the United States and Canada. These are not costly commercial B&Bs, but down-to-earth, non-commercial lodgings in private homes with folks who care about you.

Whether your host's home is in the mountains, the country, city, or at the waterfront, you'll find something special about each place and the people who live there.


Why not find out for yourself? Enjoy friendly hosts, comfortable accommodations in lovely homes, hearty breakfasts and firsthand information about local attractions. Evergreen Bed & Breakfast hospitality not only enriches your experience but reduces travel costs as well, providing delightful accommodations in private homes for $20 a day for two.


Evergreen members obtain up-to-date details about each accommodation online, including contact information, host interests, amenities, bed size, and more. Once they've selected prospective hosts, they can bring up a convenient email form to make contacts and arrange accommodations directly with their hosts. Members who do not use the internet can instead opt for a print directory which is published once a year with two timely Supplements and delivered by regular mail.

Hearty B​reakfasts and Hospitality

Hosts provide clean, comfortable accommodations, hearty breakfasts, and an hour or so of friendly conversation designed to help you get acquainted and learn something about the area. Guests are expected to be self-sufficient, reasonable and considerate. You should plan outside activity during the day so your hosts can carry on with their normal routine.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you enjoy a leisurely pace and like to visit out-of-the-way places, getting to know the people who live there, you're probably going to love the Evergreen Club. But we realize it isn't for everyone. People who are short of time or require privacy, may prefer commercial lodgings. But membership satisfaction is guaranteed. If for any reason you are not entirely satisfied with how the club works for you, your dues will be refunded in full upon request.

Quality Accommodations

The Evergreen Club is a traveler's delight because the primary focus is on friendly hospitality. Members share their lovely homes because it's such a practical thing to do. However, they're not in the B&B business. You won't find any expensive country inns in our directory, though the quality of our homestays may surprise you.

Gratuities Payable to Your Host 

Cash gratuity is payable upon arrival.  Please discuss currency preference with host prior to arrival.​

Each Day:  USD $15 for solo traveler and USD $20 for two people sharing a room.