Evergreen Club Mentioned in Travel Article

She Roams Solo (sheroamssolo.com) mentioned the Evergreen B&B Club in an article this past week called "10 Great Couchsurfing Alternatives". We love when the world-wide travel community gets wind of what networks / communities are doing and what they offer. The article consists of a list of ten travel communities / travel services that might bridge that price vs. quality gap between hotels and couchsurfing. 

What is She Roams Solo?

According to their website, sheroamssolo.com is an online "travel community, social networking and forum, for women who travel solo." What a wonderful thing?! A place for women to find the resources and encouragement they need in order to pursue their adventures sounds like a great idea indeed. 

And while not all the women involved with She Roams Solo are 50+, some probably are, and about half of the Evergreen Club is female, so hopefully there can be some great sharing that goes on between the communities.

About the article 

It looks like this article was written simply to show that there are options out there. We're thinking that there will be many members of She Roams Solo that will be grateful to know that there are inexpensive lodging solutions that will still be a nice experience. Some of the other travel sites mentioned include Servas, Warm Showers, and Global Freeloaders, which may already be familiar names to some. 

What is Couchsurfing?

If you're unfamiliar with the term, "Couchsurfing" is the concept of just renting out your couch to a traveler for the night. It has connotations of being for a younger, more casual crowd since it's less money and less privacy than a hotel. 

So you can imagine why people would be eager to find an alternative to something like that. We all like to save money, but one does think twice before agreeing to wake up in the middle of someone's living room. 

Obviously, this is where the Evergreen Club stands up and says, "Well, there's a better way. In the Evergreen Club you pay only $15/day and get your own private guest room, bathroom, and tasty breakfast, all provided by a host who actually cares about you." 

So what's the catch?

Actually, the catch isn't really a catch... The catch is that in order to travel so inexpensively, you must also host. Which is actually awesome. It's a chance to give back, be unselfish, and help someone else travel savvy while on their journey. You meet the most amazing people when you open your thought to the idea of the homestay. Since they're members of the Evergreen Club, you'd already have something in common... a desire to make friends and a love of travel. So right off the bat, you know that the other Evergreener(s) will be friendly and have some sense of adventure.

Evergreen was also mentioned...

On sheroamssolo.com, Evergreen is also listed at the top of their Accommodation Resources list! Check out the page here or you can go to Ultimate Travel Resources, then to Accommodation Resources to find that the Evergreen Club is listed as the first great travel resource that a traveler must know! And of course it is a must know -- specifically for seniors who want to travel and stay in nice places, but don't want to break the bank to do it. And how wonderful that in the process, they'll get to express genuine hospitality and make great friends with like-minded individuals.

We're so grateful that sheroamssolo.com decided to do this article. A big shout out to all our sisters over there, and are grateful to be introducing our two communities!