May Newsletter 2019

Hello beautiful!

The above photo was taken by a member on a trip to Maine recently. This lovely clear water and stunning cliffs can be found at Schoodic Point, which is actually a part of Acadia National Park. There are nearby Evergreen members ready to host, so go ahead and plan your adventure. It's a beautiful world out there. Where will you go? has Classified Ads!

Did you know that we’ve got a Classified Ads section on our website? It’s a great place to connect and see who’s looking for what. There’s everything from home exchanges to pet sitting! Check it out right on the Member Lounge page (scroll to the middle of the page and click to see more details).
It’s an excellent feature of the club, and we encourage you to take advantage of it!

You can also access this handy tool on the Map! When using the Map Search you can sort by members who are interested in “Exchanging homes for vacation purposes,” as pictured below.

Please Renew & Update

We’re in the process of making the print Directory! So before June 1st please:

1. Renew (if your membership is due to lapse soon) so that you get included.

2. Ensure that your information is current.

3. Add your cell / mobile phone number to your Profile. When traveling, members or the office may need to call / text the hosts. Please save the phone numbers of the Evergreen office in your phone so that you know who it is. Many members wisely do not answer their phone if it's an unknown number (to avoid scams, telemarketers, ect.) but if Evergreen needs to get ahold of someone, it's problematic if the phone does not get answered. :-)  So please, do save the Evergreen contact in your phone so we can inform you of last minute changes or emergencies that could arise during a visit from either the host or guest.

Feature Story


Stellar members save the day!

Vince & Kathy + 2 non-member friends from Nebraska were returning from a 2 week vacation out of the country. Their flight had to make an unexpected landing in Dallas due to a medical emergency. They were then grounded by storms in the area and flights for the rest of the day were cancelled.

What to do?!

They called the Evergreen office! They were quickly connected with Thom & Andrea who could host 4 people and live near the airport! Thom & Andrea went and picked up the 4 of them from the airport and hosted them for the night. They had an early breakfast and were back at the airport by 7AM. Way to Evergreeners!

Here's a photo of Thom & Andrea taken at the Dallas Valentine's party. We're certainly grateful for them and their willingness to host at a moment's notice!

What's your story?

Do you have any stories about Evergreen experiences that have impressed you as being "above and beyond"? You can email them to and we'll get a feature story like this one written up for all to enjoy!

Happy Travels,

The Evergreen Team 

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