Feature Story: Good times in Conway, AR // 2019

Good times in Conway, Arkansas -- by Evergreen member Joyce D.

As a member of the Evergreen Club, I am able to stay with other Evergreen members while traveling.

Tom & I had some things to do in Conway yesterday & since it was my birthday, we had planned on kayaking Grassy Lake near Conway and then finding a place to spruce up for a nice birthday dinner in Conway. The lake did not have enough water to kayak, so we decided to shop and run errands instead of kayaking.

I remembered seeing an Evergreen Member from Conway in the club’s directory. I called them & asked if they could accommodate 2 people for overnight lodging. They could!

Upon arriving and meeting the couple, Mike & Moe, we were overwhelmed by their Gift of Hospitality. They certainly had the Gift of Sharing Love with Strangers. When we booked our reservation they wanted to know if we would like to join them for dinner. So we did!

The couple moved to Conway from New Orleans a few years ago. They excel in gardening — a variety of fresh foods, fruits and herbs. The menu was turkey gumbo, okra, corn, tomatoes, & blackberry, banana bread with a sweet glaze. 

Since Mike & Tom are interested in history & the same type books, they kept the conversation going. We even came home with a couple of books. Moe grew up cooking, canning and preserving. She was very interesting to talk with and I learned a lot— including how to cook more things with fresh herbs. They gave us all sorts of fresh herbs from their garden to dry and use. They also gave us fresh vegetables & cajun seasoning. I also brought home clippings from gardenias that Moe says will root in water for transplanting.

The breakfast was fresh fruit, homemade muffins, cereal, juice and coffee. All of this for $20 --because we are Evergreeners. The Club is for those who are strong in hospitality and willing to share their home with others. We look forward to introducing our new friends in Fairfield Bay to the Evergreen Club.

-- Joyce

Happy Travels,

The Evergreen Team 

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