Homemade Naan Pizzas


These ingredients are based on Kathleen's pizzas, but feel free to experiment with other ingredients to suit your taste!

Naan bread

Tomato sauce

Mozzarella cheese (fresh)


Cherry tomatoes


Step 1

Lay out your desired number of naan pizzas, then top evenly with sauce. Kathleen used tomato sauce, but BBQ or pesto can work well too.


Step 3

Top with cheese, cooked sausage, and veggies. Fresh mozzarella gives a great creamy texture, but feel free to try other cheeses you might like. You can also substitute chicken for the sausage if preferred.

Tip: brown the sausage, then crumble and freeze for easy storage and access for pizza toppings.


Step 4

Bake according to package directions on your naan bread (usually around 8-10 minutes at 425 degrees). If you have a pizza stone, that can be a great option for a nice crispy crust.

If any cheese melts off of the pizzas, don't hestitate to scoop it back on after baking - Kathleen says the extra melty crispiness makes it delicious!


Step 5

Serve with a side of soup, salad, or just eat the pizzas on their own! These are a great quick outdoor patio/picnic dinner as well.


Thank you Kathleen for sharing this simple and delicious recipe with us! Enjoy trying out different ingredients to create your own perfect combination of flavors and toppings.

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