About Evergreen Club

If you enjoy people-to-people contacts when you travel, you'll be amazed at the Evergreen Club's network of bed & breakfast home-stays - friendly, economical and downright fun. Members are people just like you, keenly interested in life and eager to expand their horizons. Some are still combining busy careers with travel, sports and other interests. Others have become empty nesters, ready for some serious traveling. Even those who've retired are finding themselves busier than ever - running marathons, sailing around the world, doing valuable volunteer work and keeping up with their families.

Since 1982, Evergreen members have developed a network of delightful lodgings for considerate travelers by pooling their seldom-used guest rooms. Currently, there are nearly 2,000 Evergreen home-stays throughout North America --- not costly commercial B&Bs, but down-to-earth, cozy guest rooms in private homes with people who love to meet and greet. Whether you stay in the mountains, the country, city, or at the beach, you'll find something special about each place and the people who live there.

So why not put it to the test? Enjoy friendly hosts, comfortable accommodations in lovely homes, hearty breakfasts and firsthand information about local attractions. Evergreen visits not only enrich your experience but reduce travel costs as well, providing delightful hospitality in private homes for $20 a day for two.

The Evergreen Club "Members Only" website allows you to access membership profiles to obtain current information about each accommodation. Browse the listings and plan your itinerary. Then contact prospective hosts direct to determine their availability.

Evergreen hosts provide clean, comfortable accommodations, hearty breakfasts, and an hour or so of friendly conversation to help you get acquainted and learn about the area. Typically, you'll find guests are self-sufficient, reasonable and considerate, out and about during the day so hosts can carry on with their normal routine.

Membership satisfaction is guaranteed. If for any reason you are not entirely satisfied with how the club works for you, your dues will be refunded in full upon request.

The Evergreen Club is a traveler's delight because the focus is on friendly hospitality. Members share their lovely homes because it's such a practical thing to do. Evergreen home-stays are strictly non-commercial. You won't find any costly B&B inns with wine-tasting and valet service. But you may be surprised at the consistent quality and value of Evergreen hospitality. It's really quite amazing.