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Directory Updated for November 2017

"DIRECTORY" We've updated the online Directory (PDF format) for November 2017. You can click on the DIRECTORY cicle above. Please note that listings in the USA are first, followed by Australia then Canada then other countries in alpha order.  You should be able to use your browser to search for specific names, cities, etc. The CODE KEY is located at the end of the directory. Thanks!

2017 Club Guidelines

You'll find these Club Guidelines in the front of the Directory. 

Confidentiality. Information in this directory and on the Evergreen website is strictly confidential. Members have provided it to help you select and arrange your accommodations. It may not be used for any other purpose. Please ensure that outdated issues of the directory are disposed of properly.

Gratuities Changing Jan 2015

Beginning January 1, 2015, the gratuities for North America (US, Canada and Mexico) locations will be:
 $15/single and $20/couple per day (USD).

For international locations, hosts may add an additional $10 gratuity. 
All amounts are in USD currency.

Website Upgrade

As announced in the October e-news, we'll be upgrading the website at the end of October. They system will be down October 28 through 30th and be back online Oct 31st. Call our office during that time if we can help with anything.