Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I have a trip coming up soon. Once I join, how soon will I be able to use the Club?
A: You will have immediate access to the list of Club members once you join.  Use the online Member Search tool to find members in that area. Then contact those members to see if they can accommodate your request.  If your trip is just around the corner, there are many members willing to consider last minute requests.

Q: Do I have to host in order to join?
A: Yes. This is the beauty of the club - giving and receiving of hospitality. All members must be able to offer warm hospitality and accommodations. You're only expected to host when it's convenient with your schedule.

Q: I live in a retirement community where there are rules against renting out a guest room in my apartment. Can I still join the Evergreen B&B Club?
A: Yes. Evergreen guests are the same as houseguests or relatives that would stay in your home.  There is no business transaction.  This is a private travel club where members give and receive hospitality from each other. The nightly gratuity is just that. It’s a gratuity of nominal value to help offset the host’s costs of providing that hospitality, much the same as a houseguest might contribute to paying for groceries. Some hosts may prefer to refuse the gratuity or accept less than the stated guidelines.

Q: How many times do I have to be willing to host? Is there a one for one requirement based on each time we stay with someone?
A. There is no hard and fast rule about the number of times you need to host.  Our club members have very diverse situations. Some live in high touristy areas and get frequent requests. Others live way off the beaten path and rarely hear from travelers.  Some members can only host during certain months. You’ll find that hosting is very satisfying. Host as your schedule allows and is convenient for you.

Q: How long is my membership for and when does it start?
A: Your membership is for 12 months and starts the same day in which you join.