Newsletter // October 2019

Classified Ads ... follow up

Home Exchange Wanted - We are traveling in the northeast during August and early September. We’d love to stay for a week in Vermont, New York or Maine. How about come use our pool in the summer? Or, we’d be agreeable to staying with you for a week, paying $20 or reserving a week with us any time you like. Contact us with your travel ideas! - Sue and Paul 

House sitting in Cincinnati or Jacksonville, NC--anytime - My husband and I have 3 grandchildren we’d like to see more of--we’re available to housesit within an hour’s drive of Liberty Township north of Cincinnati. The other area we’d consider is around Jacksonville, NC--we have a new grandson we want to see more often there. We like dogs/cats and have a lot of experience caring for them. If you’re looking for a house/pet sitter contact us and let’s see what we can work out. - Diane

Courtesy Clues

If you call/email someone, wouldn’t you want to hear back? There have been some comments from members expressing frustration at not hearing back when they contact other members. Much of what makes our club successful is the genuine kindness and willingness of the members. Call it the Golden Rule, putting yourself in another’s shoes, or just common courtesy, but it certainly reflects well on a person if he/she is responsive, and poorly if they are not. So, if you get a call / email requesting information about a stay (even if the date has passed) please ANSWER THEM. Thank you!

Travel Log / Feedback Tab

Reminder: There’s a wonderful feature on each person’s profile page where members are encouraged to leave feedback about their travel experience. 

The comments written there appear on both the host’s and guest’s profile pages. This is a great way to track who you stayed with and where you’ve been. You can even reference this when planning future trips -- think of it as a way to make a “favorites” list.

What's your story?

Do you have any stories about Evergreen experiences that have impressed you as being "above and beyond"? You can email them to and we'll get a feature story written up for all to enjoy!

Happy Travels,

The Evergreen Team 

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